The following is a list of sites to get free leads/prospects, and an additional income stream from each.

Plus, I offer FREE Tips & Training to help you learn the best way to use them.

MLM Gateway

Free MLM Leads site…

This is a very active site to connect with potential business partners!

Over 100,000 members all trying to figure out a way to make money working from home.

Maybe YOU can help them 🙂

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Here is a video I created, where I show how I generate Leads & an additional income stream from MLM Gateway…


Global MoneyLine

Straight-Line lead generator. Interact with everyone who joins after you, worldwide.

Currently bringing in over 300 NEW PROSPECTS A DAY, for FREE!

Includes a built in messaging platform so you can contact them 🙂

And a very lucrative income stream if you choose.

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IBO ToolBox

A FREE Business Social Platform.

What can I say about this site, that hasn’t been said?!

It’s been around for a number of years and since 2012 I’ve been getting free prospects from here.

Over 200,000 members log on to this site every day!

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Below is a video I created on how I use IBO Toolbox…


Kris Clicks

Kris Karafotas is a Technology Trainer, top MLM recruiter, IBOtoolbox Trainer, and is a major player in the Internet marketing arena.

Kris knows exactly what your business needs to be successful, so she created “Kris Clicks”, a lead gen site!

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Work From Home Groups

The alternative to Facebook Opportunity Groups. A site that that I personally created which is very similar to Facebook Groups.

With Facebook recently  tightening up on their Terms of Service, and disabling many Opportunity Groups, this site is growing fast!

Join now and get your groups created…or join a group and promote your opportunity!

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